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*June 2015 Roedger Bros. Farms completes MAEAP Verification in Cropping Systems. As part of our commitment the environment and sustainable agriculture Roedger Bros. Farms has proudly completed the MAEAP verification process. For more information on MAEAP visit the MAEAP website at

*Roedger Bros. Blueberries talks with Hannah Stanley from ESPN 1000 about Blueberries for Babies and the March of Dimes!
*Joe's Steak Seafood and Stone Crab chooses Roedger Bros. Blueberries for it's exclusive Blueberry Pies in both Chicago and Las Vegas!...Executive Chef and Partner Gary Baca said Roedger Bros Blueberries are "Ridiculously GOOD" on Restaurant Radio America!
*Roedger Bros. Blueberries in BEST PIE WINNER at contest judged by world famous pastry chef Gale Gand and Daily Herald Food Editor Deb Pankey.
*Fox News and longtime Chicago radio star Bob Sirott says "So good, it's hard to believe there's no sugar added!"


*Remember the 3rd week of the month for our "Monthly Deliveries",check the purchase page for the location near you, pay online and see you there!


Start Your Own Fundraiser!

Looking for a fun and exciting way to raise money for your charity, school, church or organization?

Roedger Bros. Blueberries offers a delicious, nutritious alternative to the usual candy, popcorn and other junk foods. Blueberries are the #1 superfood and Roedger Bros. Blueberries are simply the best blueberries that you can buy, loaded with antioxidents and nutrition.

When you do a fundraiser with us there is nothing to buy, no minimum to sell and nothing to lose! We do all the distribution, the heavy lifting and all you do is sell this great product and collect 20% of every sale for your organization.

For more information write us at sales@RoedgerBros.Farm or call us at 630-903-6052 and a fundraising representative will be happy to assist you.

Causes and Campaigns

The benefits of the blueberry are too big to be ignored. For the athlete, the elderly, the expectant mother, growing children, the forgetful, and health-food-lovers, blueberries are a smart and easy addition to all sorts of diets and lifestyles. Roedger Bros. Blueberries wants to partner with organizations that agree, in order to combine efforts towards a greater vision of community wellness.

Roedger Bros. Blueberries is committed to supporting causes through charity partners working in the areas of Cancer, Birth defects, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, Diabetes and Heart disease.Organizations and efforts we are supportive of:

OUR Campaigns:

  • Blueberries for Babies!
  • The Blueberry Campaign to Beat Cancer
  • TEAM GO B.L.U.E. (Blueberry & Leukemia-Lymphoma Society's Unified Effort)