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Roedger Bros. Blueberries
In early 2009 Rich and Mike Roedger launched Roedger Bros. Blueberries with the goal of having the very best blueberries in the world available for people year round. Taking only the finest first pick blueberries from our very best fields and putting them directly into the deep freeze within hours of the harvest gives customers of Roedger Bros. Blueberries “fresh frozen” flavor that is second to none for smoothies, baking or right out of the box as a cool refreshing snack.

Roedger Bros. Farms
Established in 2003 in the heart of the Michigan “Fruit Belt” the Roedger Bros. Farms in both Covert and South Haven Michigan are located on some very blessed acreage, boasting sandy soil, just the right amount of lake effect snow and the optimum weather for the growing of fantastic blueberries. Add in historically passed down and proven pruning techniques, dedication to excellence and a strong commitment to the environment and what you have is the recipe for Roedger Bros. Blueberries. The perfect combination of great taste and ultimate nutrition…quite simply, “Pound for Pound…The World’s Greatest Blueberries!”

Michigan Blueberries
Michigan is known for growing some of the world’s finest fruit, peaches, cherries and apples to name a few… But did you know that the nowhere else on earth are more blueberries grown (some estimates are that today 45% of the blueberries in the world are grown in Michigan) and most experts agree that the very best tasting blueberries also come from Michigan, with those from the fruit belt being considered the best of the best!

Blueberries…America’s Superfood!

The blueberry is small, but mighty. In a produce world where antioxidants put you in the popular crowd, the blueberry is pretty much prom queen. A USDA study at Tufts University declared the blueberry #1 in antioxidant activity, when compared to 40 other fruits and vegetables. And, according to a study on oxygen radical absorbance capacity [a.k.a. how potent are your antioxidants?], the blueberry scored 2400 per 100 grams, more than what most fruits and vegetables provide in 5 servings. [USDA Human Nutrition Research Center of Aging in Boston]

If you're wondering what antioxidants are, you should probably ask a scientist. But, for a simplified idea, imagine a war between molecules. Free radicals [from bad habits, environments, and genes] are the angry bad guys who want to damage innocent cells. Antioxidants are the good guys who work to slow down and stop those radicals.

Now, if you're wondering what antioxidants can do for you, here's a list [in alphabetical order]: anti-aging for brain and skin, anti-inflammatory, better balance, coordination, and memory, efficient immune system, enhanced effects of vitamin C, eye health, good digestion, lower bad cholesterol, protection against heart disease and obesity, reduced cancer risk, relief for arthritic symptoms, stabilized body tissue, strengthened veins and vascular system, stronger bones.

Here are some of the good guys:

Anthocyanins = dark blue potent pigment that improves eye health, strengthens the vascular system and body tissue, and enhances the effects of Vitamin C
Ellagic Acid = phytochemical that prevents cell damage
Epicatechin = prevents UTI's
Kaempferol = flavanoid that reduces risk for ovarian cancer
Pterostilbene = lowers bad cholesterol, some say as effectively as commercial drugs

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